Are you a….

Busy Professional

Who wants to get out of pain or back in the gym but doesn’t have a lot of time to waste with treatments that don’t work or spend an hour of physical therapy exercises every day?


Adult Athlete

Who has a day job, but also want to stay competitive for your next event or race without being slowed down by nagging injuries?


Recreational Runner

Who runs for fun and want to continue running without the fear of having to slow down or stop as you get older?  Maybe you’ve been told that you shouldn’t run because of your “bad knees” or “bad back”.


CrossFit Athlete

Who loves the community and workouts and wants to stay as healthy as possible while also hitting that next PR?  You need someone that understands what CrossFit is and don’t want to be told to stop lifting.


Active Gym Member

Who wants to stay fit and active in the gym, pilates studio or yoga studio?  You might use exercise as your stress reliever and need to stay as active as possible.  


Sensible Man or Woman

Who understands that you shouldn’t have to be limited in what you like to do and that pain doesn’t have to be a part of your everyday life?  

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