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Dr. Jesse Lewis

Physical Therapist, DPT, OCS

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Our Philosophy:

District Performance & Physio was founded on the idea that the answer to an injury shouldn’t be “just rest it.” And it should never be “you can’t go back to doing that anymore.” The true answer is to find out WHY the injury happened in the first place, and get you back to what you were doing—even better than before.

Our Slogan: Challenging Your Expectations to Redefine Your Limits

That means we will defy your standard assumptions of what physical therapy is, and how it can improve your life.  Your experience with us will be different from what you expect from a typical health care visit. You and your therapist will work as a team to reach your goals and redefine your perceived limits. Whether you were injured yesterday or have been in consistent pain for years, District Performance & Physio determines the source of your distress, helps it heal, and prevents it from happening again.  

If you are a CrossFit athlete, we’ll get you back in the gym and setting a new PR.  If you are a runner, we’ll get you on the road, faster than before. If you want to return to your active lifestyle, we’ll help you rebound and KEEP you active.

About Dr. Lewis:

Dr. Jesse Lewis is the founder of District Performance & Physio.  He is a physical therapist, coach, and believes that movement and exercise are life.  His passion is keeping active people active and healthy. Dr. Lewis’s treatments include a strategic combination of education, exercise, manual therapy, and dry needling. With advanced certifications in both physical therapy and strength and conditioning, he will develop your plan with both a rehabilitation and performance approach.  

Advanced Certifications and Education:

  • Board Certified in Orthopaedics (OCS)
  • Functional Dry Needling
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
  • USA Weightlifting – Level 1 Coach

Challenge Your Expectations to Redefine Your Limits